Pirate Alternative to Continuing Education
Mission Statement
The P.A.C.E. program is committed to the belief that all students can learn and all behavior that is inappropriate can be modified to comply with the PTISD Student Code of Conduct.
The primary focus of P.A.C.E. is to address student behavior and help the student to progress in their academic endeavors. The programs at P.A.C.E. are designed to help the student understand the purpose of their alternative school placement and to learn methods and strategies for avoiding future placement and discipline. Through a system of highly structured intervention strategies, opportunities will be provided to enable the student to increase self-esteem, increase self-control, develop a positive attitude, and make the necessary behavioral adjustments required for return to home campus. Academic instruction using various self-paced strategies will be offered for student progression in learning.
Contact Information
Principal: J. Buster Turner
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