Student Expectations: Pre-K

By the end of Pre-Kindergarten, students are expected to:

Shows respect for others
Follows directions
Listens attentively for reasonable amount of time
Shares with others
Works independently
Speaks in Sentences
Participates in classroom discussion

Recognize 3 shapes: circle, rectangle, and triangle
Creates simple pattern AB, AB
Models counting using one to one correspondence
Sorts objects by size
Identifies numbers 0-9
Counts to 10; 20;30
Recognizes positional words: In/Out, First/Last
Identifies and Names all 11 colors

Correctly hold book and turns pages
Recognizes name in print
Demonstrates story comprehension
Identifies 20 upper and lower case letters
Produces 10 letter sounds

Tells about own writing
Prints first name

Works 6-9 piece puzzle
Hold pencil correctly
Uses scissors effectively

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